IE2 YE2 IE3 High Efficient 3phase AC Induction Electric Motor For Pump compressor Fans Blower Farm machinery 50Hz 60Hz IP55 TEFC 380V

IE2 YE2 IE3 High Efficient 3phase AC Induction Electric Motor  For Pump compressor Fans Blower Farm machinery 50Hz 60Hz IP55 TEFC 380V


IE2/YE2(Chinese call it as YE2 motor) series is in line with the 3rd effectiveness regular in the provisions of GB 18813-2012 “the power performance limit and the vitality performance rating of tiny and medium-sized 3-section asynchronous motors’. And the advancement of the effectiveness in its layout is in line with the state’s needs on the strength saving and intake minimizing of the producing sector.

IE2/YE2 collection motors with the mounting dimension in accordance with regular IEC60034, It has great attributes like ideal construction, attractive look, low noise, substantial effectiveness, large security course as properly as high insulation class. IE2/ YE2 series motors can be broadly employed in a variety of sorts of general use machineries like supporters, pumps, machine equipment, compressors, transportation and so on, and can also be utilized in the harmful areas with oil and chemical, metal plants, mining business.


Work conditions

IE2/YE2 series motors air appropriate for practically all purposes and work satisfactorily at temperatures from -20ºC to +40ºC and altitudes up to a thousand meters earlier mentioned sea degree

Temperature and Insulation

The Maters’ insulation method are designed by Class F(155ºC), operated with Course B(80K). Which incerase the motor helpful life and dependability.

Cooling and air flow

The common cooling method is completely Enclosed Admirer Cooled (TEFC) it accordance with IC411 of IEC60034-six. CZPT motors are geared up with radialflow plastic enthusiasts

Defense course

The normal levels of defense is IP55. The IP55 enclosure indicates total hoseproof and dustproof safety .A higher levels of safety is CZPT

Motor safety

Motors can be set up with PTC, PT100, these kinds of as winding and bearing temperature measurement as effectively as other sorts of security on ask for.

Voltage and frequency

CZPT voltage and frequency are 380V 50HZ, and can be wound for any one voltage it the assortment 200-660V at a frequency fifty. The motors will work satisfactorily with variations of ±5% from the rated voltage.


IE2/YE2 motors are developed to vibration course A, vibration class B is CZPT on request.

Terminal box spot

Terminal box at the top or proper of body is the regular IE2/YE2 motor.

High quality assurance

Stringent good quality procedures are noticed from first layout to concluded merchandise in accordance with CZPT documented high quality system.

 Motor functioning program

This series of motors working method for S1 constant responsibility.

 Production processing:

  Mount type:


  • Large productive energy preserving styles
  • Higher commencing torque Low noise
  • Energy variety:.75-315kw
  • Body variety:80H-355H
  • Support element:1.fifteen
  • Rated Volt:380v,400v,415v,440v,575v,660v,690v.
  • Velocity assortment:2p/3000rpm,4p/1500rpm, 6p/1000rpm,8p/750rpm
  • CZPT and Body housing:TEFC. Forged iron,Aluminum,Metal plate
  • IEC132 Body and bigger frame motors ideal CZPT/Delta starting up
  • Junction box geared up with robust glands
  • Motors presented with CE mark
  • Safety class:IP55
  • Thermal protector:Indeed
  • Ambient Temperature:-15°C~40°C
  • Altitude:Not exceed 1000m
  • Frequency ragen:50Hz,60Hz
  • Insulation course: F,  
  • Temprature riseB
  • Duty S1
  • Wire link: CZPT type for motors up to 3Kw Delta sort for motors 4Kw and above.
  • CZPTs:Ball bearings for DE&NDE(Drive end&Non-drive end)
  • Mount kind:B3(ft mount), B5(Huge flange mount),B35(Flange&toes mount), 

The big difference sample sheet of  motors Y, Y2,IE2(YE2), IE3(YE3) as below:

       Model sample           Y,Y2  motor         IE2/YE2 motor           IE3/YE3 motor
Performance course                IE1                  IE2                   IE3
Efficiency of 4pole-one.1kw              76.two%                 eighty one.four%        
Efficiency of 4pole-five.5kw              85.7%                  87%                 89.two%
Silicon metal  D23,DR510 Sizzling-rolled   DW600/800 Cold-rolled       WW470 chilly-rolled
Magnet  copper wire     #120 magnet wire        #155 copper rod         180 copper rod
Security class               IP44                IP55                 IP55
Federal government policy     Eliminated motors  Allow create and sales    Application encouraged

Pre-sales service: 
•We are a sales crew, with all complex assistance from engineer staff.
•We benefit every inquiry despatched to us, make certain rapid competitive supply inside of 24 hrs.
•We cooperate with customer to design and style and produce the new products. Supply all essential document.

After sales provider:
•We regard your feed back after obtain the motors.
•We provide 1-2 a long time guarantee following receipt of motors..
•We promise all spare components CZPT in life span use.
•We loge your complain in 24 hrs.


IE2 YE2 IE3 High Efficient 3phase AC Induction Electric Motor  For Pump compressor Fans Blower Farm machinery 50Hz 60Hz IP55 TEFC 380V