Heavy Duty Waste Plastic Purging Shredder Machine

Heavy Duty Waste Plastic Purging Shredder Machine

heavy duty Squander plastic purging shredder machine 

CZPT solitary shaft shredder device for plastic lumps’ destruction and recycling ,weighty responsibility Waste plastic purging shredder equipment produced in China with CE certificate

Software for CZPT Wood Paper One particular Shaft Shredder

CZPT single shaft shredder is outfitted with a rotating shaft, the rotating blades have four angles which has various resources. The rotating blade is correct on the single shafts ,can simple get rid of and adjust.The main shaft is driven by the motor and the reducer, and the content is pushed into the gap in between the rotating blades and the fixed blade under the pushing of the laterally transferring silo, and the materials is concurrently subjected to the capabilities of extrusion, tearing and shearing to accomplish the purpose of crushing.


1.The shredder is appropriate for shredding squander plastic pipes, thick-walled HDPE pipes, and squander block plastics. The dimensions after shredding is modest.Capability is CZPT.
2.Minimal resource usage and servicing expenses.
3.Simple to adjust tools.
four.Content measurement can be adjusted according to the size of the monitor aperture. 

Parameter of shredder:

Product XT-4880 XT-48100 XT-48120 XT-40150 XT-48150 XT-48200
Motor Electrical power 45kw 55kw 75kw 110kw 150kw 150kw
Rotor Speed eighty three RPM 83 RPM eighty three RPM 83 RPM eighty three RPM 83 RPM
Rotor Diameter 480mm 480mm 480mm 400mm 480mm 480mm
Rotor Blade 57 seventy five ninety three 74 111 135

CZPT shaft shredder : 
Product Application for double shaft shredder 
New design of Blade Industry CZPT Crate CZPT Shaft Shredder is especially for shredding various massive strong supplies, unmanageable materials, waste plastic, plastic movie, plastic pipe, fiber, wood, animal and paper which the typical crusher can not deal with. .This new type double shaft shredder adapt new design and style that use really simple dismountable knife,it will shifting the typical disadvantage that taking too prolonged time for knife disassemble and put in.Normal modifying knife will get about one or two days,but use this shredder,the knife shifting will not be a dilemma,numerous minutes will be ample.

Primary Features
one)The shredder device with massive feeding mouth, it can put the huge substance effectively.
2)The rotary knife with edge of specific style, it can get quite substantial efficiency and high ability.
3)The shredder equipment is management by DELTA PLC handle system the knife can rotate inopposite course and shut routinely if something unexpected occurs with quite high protection service.
four)The shredder device operates slowly with low sound and less dusty.
5)The knife content with specific alloy metal created, high temperature treatment method,with prolonged daily life time.

six)Knife is very easy for modify.


Heavy Duty Waste Plastic Purging Shredder Machine