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Solution Description

Mine Low velocity large torque Explosion Evidence Long term CZPT Synchronous CZPT  

Solution introduction

PMSM has the positive aspects of simple structure, little size, high performance and high CZPT element.
The long lasting magnet synchronous motor adopts centralized winding, best pole slot coordination, and rotor construction integrating isolation, stress, positioning and light-weight, with little rotational inertia, modest leakage flux, large major flux, increased CZPT aspect and increased effectiveness. The torque amplifier coupled with the permanent magnet motor (planetary reducer) has the qualities of growing the output torque, matching the load inertia, and exceptional use of multi-tooth meshing. Below the manage of frequency converter, when the long term magnet motor is interconnected with a number of equipment, it is effortless to understand CZPT balance control due to the gentle mechanical attributes.

Technical parameters

Rated doing work voltage: AC 1140V

Rated output CZPT : 800kW

Amount of motor poles: 20

Rated operating frequency of the motor 60Hz

Rated output speed of the motor: 80r7min

Cooling method: drinking water cooling

Insulation quality of motor winding: class H

Motor CZPT factor: .93

Motor efficiency: ninety six.2%

Motor rated recent: 432A

Explosion-evidence types: Exd I Mb

Motor sound: w102dB

Motor vibration: w2.3mm/s

All round measurement: 2613x1180x1135

Technological rewards and primary features

  1. Optimized water, magnetic and circuit design, so that the motor has excellent electrical efficiency, lower electromagnetic noise, super successful strength preserving
  2. 3d software style, supplemented by ANSYS investigation software program, finite aspect examination of electromagnetic area, composition subject, temperature field, etc., to ensure the higher reliability of the motor. Compact structure, little dimensions, improve the utilization of powerful place underground
  3. With reliable magnetic pole framework, it can be utilized to push sintering device in metal plant, enthusiast pushed by mine, scraper, belt conveyor and other massive minute of inertia load
  4. At the rated voltage, the out-of-step torque of the motor is not significantly less than 2 instances the rated torque
  5. The rotor is a silicon steel laminated and magnetic metal integral embedded framework, which can make sure the mechanical dependability of the magnetic metal beneath the motion of centrifugal force and magnetic tension when the rotor rotates
  6. The stator adopts h-course insulation, the whole stator vacuum force immersion h-course solveless paint, with good electrical efficiency and moisture-proof performance, the stator adopts CZPT d processing technological innovation, compact structure, minimal stator iron use
  7. The rotor everlasting magnet adopts higher- performance ndfeb magnetic metal, which has extremely-high magnetic, anti-demagnetization capacity and substantial temperature resistance, which can make certain the electromagnetic reliability of the motor in CZPT -time period procedure
  8. Maintenance free of charge, increase production effectiveness, decrease upkeep cost and decrease upkeep time

AC motors differ from many other types of motors, specifically some of the far more familiar DC (immediate recent) motors, by a number of essential conditions. The most fundamental of these is the fact that an AC motor relies fully on the alternating recent around its circuit to produce efficient mechanical strength. We are going to go over this distinctive method in far more depth in the subsequent sections of this manual.
china shop Mine Low Speed High Torque Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor Price manufacturers