china sales Electric DC Geared Motor 36V Synchronous Motor 15kw manufacturers

Product Description

Silent, steady and reputable for CZPT daily life procedure
one.Diameters: 62mm
2.Lengths:  64mm84mm104mm
three.Continuous torques: .22Nm0.40Nm0.65Nm
4.Electricity: 74W126W204W
5.Speeds up to 3200rpm3000rpm3000rpm
6.Environmental situations: -10~+40°C
7.Number of poles/phase:4/3
8.Mangnet material:Sintered NdFeB
nine.Insulation course:B
10.Optional: electronic drivers, encoders and gearheads, as nicely as Corridor impact resolver and sensorless comments
eleven.We can design and style the specific voltage and shaft, and so on

Design 62ZWX01 62ZWX02 62ZWX03
Voltage V 36
No load pace rpm 3900 3700 3700
Rated torque Nm .22 .40  .65
Rated pace rpm 3200 3000 3000
Rated recent A 4.five 7.10  12.7 
Torque(max) Nm .66 one.80 
At Torque(max)Recent A 11.5 17.8  32.0 
Rotor inertia Kgmm² 19.0  37.5 55.8
Back again-EMF continual V/krpm four.30  four.60  4.53
Torque Consistent Nm/A .062 .065 .061 
Resistance(20ºC) ohm .57 .24  .13
Excess weight Kg .90  one.three one.8 
L1 mm sixty four eighty four 104
Rotor:La mm twenty forty 60

Standard kind of shaft


AC motors and equipment motors incorporate one-stage motors for solitary-period AC electrical power and a few-phase motors for 3-phase AC electrical power. A single-period motor merely requirements to be related to a one-section electrical power provide by means of the provided capacitors to operate. Three-period motors do not demand capacitors. You simply join the motor directly to the 3-phase AC electrical power supply. Dongfang Electrical offers a broad variety of AC motors and gear motors Continual or variable pace AC motors are obtainable with one or three-period gear and electromagnetic braking options
china sales Electric DC Geared Motor 36V Synchronous Motor 15kw manufacturers