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Product Description

Application scope&colon
Mainly used in wind guiding board of fission air conditioner in residence&comma wind heating board etc&time period&comma secure and all technic parameters&comma CZPT intelligentialized valve&comma Air Conditioner Louver&comma Small CZPT &comma Heating Admirer and many others and so on&time period
Carton size&lparcm&rpar&colon forty seven&period5&ast27&period5
PCS&solcarton&colon 200
G&period W&period &lparKG&rpar&colon nine
N&interval W&time period &lparKG&rpar&colon eight
Observe&colon CZPT bodyweight is not incorporated&interval
Carton Height according to the length of lead
Peak&colon Duration of direct&ast20&sol25&sol27&sol30&sol33&period
Operating voltage & frequency&comma rotate speed&comma The output shaft and shade & length of conducting wire can be created in accordance to consumers ask for

Major specialized paramater&colon

Rated voltage 12V
Number of Pole 4
Velocity Variation Ratio one&sol64
Stride CZPT le five&period625° &sol64
DC resistance 300&ohm &pm 7&percnt&lpar25degree&rpar
Idle In-traction Frequency                                        > 600Hz
Idle Out-traction Frequency > 1000Hz
In-traction Torque > 39&period2mN&period of time m&lpar120Hz&rpar
Self-positioning Tor > 39&period2mN&period of time m
insulated resistance > 10M&ohm &lpar500V&rpar
insulated electric power CZPT 600VAC&sol1mA&sol1s
Insulation quality A
Rise in Temperature < 40K&lpar120Hz&rpar
Sound < 35dB&lpar120Hz&comma No load&comma 10cm&rpar
Fat About 27g

An AC motor is a kind of motor that makes use of the phenomenon of electromagnetic induction. AC energy drives the motor. It is a current that periodically reverses direction and alterations its magnitude of the existing more than time. This existing is the opposite of a direct recent or “DC” which flows in only a single course. AC motors can provide a fairly efficient way to produce mechanical power from a straightforward electrical enter sign.
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