china factory Small NEMA 24 60mm Hybrid Synchronous Stepper Stepping Motor H601 with High Torque manufacturers

Product Description

I. CH MOTOR – Hybrid Stepper CZPT H601(60MM)


-Action CZPT le: 1.8°
-Duration: 41-90mm
-Rated Current: 2.-4.2A
-Phase Resistance: .4-1.8ohm
-Phase Inductance: 1.2-6.5mH
-Keeping Torque: seventy five-260N. Cm
-Detent Torque: 3.-12N. Cm
-Direct Wire No.: 4
-Weight: five hundred-1400g


Electrical Specification:

Series Product Action CZPT le ( o ) L
Rated Recent (A) Stage
( Ω )
Inductance (mH)
Keeping Torque
Detent Torque ( Direct
( g)
H601-5710 one.8 forty one two. one.2 2.five 75 3. 4 500
H601-5715 1.8 forty five two.five 1. 2.two 85 3.5 4 550
H601-14571 one.eight fifty one two.5 one.two three.2 140 four. 4 580
H601-16571 one.eight fifty six 2.5 one.three 4.2 one hundred sixty four. 4 580
H601-16030 one.8 fifty six three. .eight two.4 160 four. four 580
H601-16042 1.eight fifty six four.two .four one.two 160 4. four 580
H601-18571 1.8 sixty four two.5 1.5 4.5 one hundred eighty five. four 850
H601-18030 1.8 sixty four three. .8 2.3 a hundred and eighty 5. 4 850
H601-18042 one.eight 64 4.two .fifty five one.two one hundred eighty five. four 850
H601-22571 1.eight 76 2.5 1.eight 6.five 220 seven. 4 1150
H601-22030 1.eight 76 three. one. 3.5 220 7. four 1150
H601-22042 one.8 76 4.2 .six one.8 220 7.two four 1150
H601-26030 1.8 90 three. 1.four 5.5 260 twelve 4 1400
H601-26042 one.8 ninety 4.two .eight 3. 260 twelve 4 1400

About Us:

I.CH Movement Co., Ltd., recognized in 2006, and CZPT major merchandise are hybrid stepper motor, stepping motor driver, step motor, stepping motor, built-in step servo motors. 2 period stepper motor, stepping motor, step motor.

Expert company for stepper motor, have NEMA8, NEMA11, NEMA14, NEMA17, NEMA23, NEMA34, NEMA42.1.8 degree, .9 degrees. Single shaft and double shaft.

I.CH owns a test centre, equipped with a range of detection products and measuring instruments. The check center outfitted Torque-frequency attribute check gear and Encoder CZPT test instrument also.


Our merchandise are broadly utilised and utilized in the pursuing industries: lights technique, projector, CNC, semiconductor, textile, laser, woodworking, printing, advertising and marketing, clothing, marble and ceramic, robotics and navy.

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AC motors are also various from DC motors simply because most AC motors do not consist of brushes. This means that upkeep and parts substitute needs for AC motors are likely to be significantly reduced, with most customers generally expecting a more time average lifespan. Unlike DC motors, the output pace of numerous varieties of AC motors is often determined by inverter management – once again, we’ll briefly outline a range of likely versions on the fundamental AC motor product.
china factory Small NEMA 24 60mm Hybrid Synchronous Stepper Stepping Motor H601 with High Torque manufacturers