china Cost 64mm 24V 110V 220V Permanent Magnet AC Synchronous Gear Motor manufacturers

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The technical specs can be developed according to the CZPT er’s demands!


The Shaft length, voltage, noise, life…


Laminator, Paper Shredder, Fan, CZPT ctric Oven, Grill, Air Conditioner, Heater CZPT s…



Model Output speed (rpm) Output Torque ( / Voltage (V.AC) Current (A) Frequency (Hz) Input CZPT (W) Noise (dB) Rotation
S1 constant S2 fifteen minutes S2 5 minutes
S643-thirty-15 fifteen thirty / 40 / 34.eight sixty / 52.two 24
a hundred and ten
********* 220
<0.9 ********** <0.2
********* <0.1
50/60Hz <20 <45 CW / CCW / Bi-directional
S643-22-20 twenty 22 / thirty / 26.1 45 / 39.2
S643-eighteen-25 twenty five eighteen / 24 / 20.nine 36 / 31.
S643-fifteen-30 thirty 15 / thirteen 20 / 17.4 30 /
S643-12-40 40 eleven.5 / ten 15 / 13 22.5 / 19.8
S643-09-fifty 50 9 / 7.eight twelve / 10.4 18 / 15.7
S643-08-60 sixty 7.5 / 6.five 10 / fifteen / 13
S643-07-70 70 6.4 / 5.6 8.6 / 7.five 12.8 /
S643-06-eighty 80 5.6 / 4.nine 7.5 / 6.5 11 / 9.6
S643-05-ninety nine ninety nine four.5 / 3.9 6 / 5.two nine / 7.8
S643-03-152 152 3 / 2.six 4 / 3.five 6 / 5.2
Notice: The above information are from motors beneath 50Hz. If under 60Hz, CZPT *1.2, Torque/1.2        CZPT pace and torque necessary, please speak to CZPT sale section

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I.CH movement co., LTD, headquartered in HangZhou, is a professional maker and supplier of the motor. We have offered AC CZPT , AC equipment motor, DC equipment motor, BLDC motor, BLDC Equipment motor, BLDC Servo motor considering that 2006.

As a skilled maker who has expert groups, we can CZPT according to your needs.

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two, The Supply time is about thirty-45 days.

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one, Are you a factory?
Indeed, we have been in designing and providing superb motors for CZPT ers.
2, Can you supply a sample?
3, How CZPT you could put together samples?
If CZPT ized 1, about a 7 days all around.
4, If My package has lacking products. What can I do?
Please get in touch with CZPT assistance staff and we will verify your get with the package contents. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Synchronous motors operate at a pace that is synchronous with the frequency of the mains recent. This means that in the steady-state of the motor, the rotation of the shaft is synchronized with the frequency of the provide present. The interval of rotation of the shaft is equal to the quantity of AC cycles. The stator of a synchronous motor has polyphase AC electromagnets. These electromagnets produce a magnetic discipline that rotates in synchrony with the current in the wire. The rotor equipped with permanent magnets or electromagnets rotates synchronously with the stator magnetic subject to type the next synchronous rotating magnetic field of the AC motor.
china Cost 64mm 24V 110V 220V Permanent Magnet AC Synchronous Gear Motor manufacturers