Over Length Electromagnetic Bridge Crane with Carrier Beam

Over Length Electromagnetic Bridge Crane with Carrier Beam

Over Size Electromagnetic Bridge Crane with Carrier Beam
The bridge crane has more than length electromagnetic provider-beam, and is employed in the fastened span at indoors or outdoor of steel mill, shipyard, port and storage, and so forth. The bridge crane is employed for loading and carrying slab of steel plate and profile metal, and many others. It is particularly applicable to carry steel slab of reasonable thickness: thickness is ≤ 3500mm and duration is ≤43000mm. The magnetic force of electromagnet can be altered according to the requirements and bodyweight of the lifted substance. The followings can be provided according to the user’s requirements: diverse size of carrier-beam, velocity governing (1:10 or greater) of the mechanisms, overload and warning, remote management, PLC management, failure detection and screen methods, and many others. (the knowledge under is utilised for indoor).



-CZPT principal girder, welded box beam

-Content: carbon metal with higher high quality of Q235B or Q345B

-The primary girder is related by toughness bolt.

-Weld joint analyzed by X ray or ultrasonic evaluation

-Forged Crane wheels 

-Trolley with Compact structure, modest measurement and gentle

-Lifting mechanism is CD or MD or High definition electric powered CZPT

-Compacted equipment motor driving, step significantly less management, harden equipment, protection disc brake    

-Exceptional driving houses, action much less control, efficiently relocating

-Shot-blasting Sa2.five for comprehensive girder following welding, tension release 

-Epoxy zinc wealthy large top quality painting, 2×2 with 140μm


CZPTal Attributes

-Conductor energy supply 

-All hoist and crane actions are impartial and can be operate simultaneously. 

-The control panels are IP54

-The parts are positioned in a servicing friendly way, and the whole format gives with very good defense

-Festoon cables are suspended on cable saddles, mounted to cable trolleys, operating in a galvanized C-track.


Protecting Functions

– Overload Limiter, Limit Switch (Lifting and Traveling), Interlock defense system, Buffer, Rail obvious plate, Protecting include, Bus Bar preventer plate, Anti-collision device, Major isolating switch, Crisis end method, Motor overload security


Protection safety

-Gear motor locker rope to protect drop

-Rain protect for outside the house hoist, driving models, electrical cubicle

-Warning indicator: flashing lights and warning sound 

-Wi-fi infra-detector for anti-collusion

User can pick in accordance to your need.

Cleanse wight t thirty 55
Functioning program A7 A7
Span m 38.five 27
Max. lifting peak 7.five five.five
Pace Lifting m/min .seventy six-7.six one.fifty four-15.4
Travelling trolley 4.2-42 4.two-forty two
crane nine.1-91 eight.7-87
Dimensions (mm) H 4950 5650
H1 1650 1650
H3 3150 2450
H4 600 2600
K 12500 7500
B 21000 13200
W 12300 7400
b 450 450
B1 4350 2800
B2 4350 2800
S1 2500 2500
S2 2500 2500
Max. wheel load KN 354 318
Metal observe QU120
Power resource 3-Phase A.C. 380V 50Hz

Over Length Electromagnetic Bridge Crane with Carrier Beam