High Performance Ceiling Ducted Air Handling Unit Ahu Air Handler

High Performance Ceiling Ducted Air Handling Unit Ahu Air Handler

1. CZPTstars air handling device and air handler characteristics
1) AHU circumstance is the higher-strength aluminum alloy body, with built-in insulation resources, no chilly bridges.
two) The aluminum materials surface treated by anodizing appears great and corrosion-resistant. The panel is 25mm thick and of double skin structure. Each the inner and outer panel plates are manufactured of good quality Korean galvanized metal painted, gorgeous and modern style
three) The sandwiched PU foam insulation content amongst the plates make sure the best overall performance of insulation, depth, rigidity, cleanliness and noise insulation for the AHU, and make certain no condensed drinking water on the surface
4) In the hole among the frame and the panel moisture-proof materials has been utilized to seal up, steer clear of air leakage and power decline
five) The foundation body is hot-dip galvanized metal, Anti-corrosive

2.CZPTstars Air handler,air managing unit, ahu application
1) Heating
2) Cooling
3) Ventilating
four) Air-conditioning (HVAC)method
this sort of as buying mall, business centre ,Hospital and operation place ,thoroughly clean room , dust-free plant

3.Air handler technological info, Assembly drawing diagram and photo

Ceiling Ducted Air Managing Device(Return Air Condition-four Rows)
Model Air Flow   Total
Electricity Enter Return Air
Cooling Ability Heating Potential Water Circulation  Water Resistance H2o inlet/outlet pipe Diameter
*1000CMH Pa kW kW L/min kPa DN
EST2CD4 two 250 .twenty five 12.7 seventeen.6 36 8.eight twenty five
EST2.5CD4 2.five 250 .32 fifteen.five 21.6 44.4 twelve.seven 25
EST3CD4 3 300 .55 18.7 26.one 53.four 19.6 32
EST4CD4 4 three hundred .75 26 36.two 74.4 21.6 32
EST5CD4 5 350 1.one 32.3 44.8 92.4 17.six forty
EST6CD4 6 350 1.five 37.3 52.one 106.eight 20.six 40
EST7CD4 seven 350 1.5 43.nine 61.3 126 28.four 50
EST8CD4 eight 350 two.two fifty.six 70.5 145.2 29.4 fifty
EST10CD4 10 350 two.two 60.four 84 172.eight 21.six 50
EST12CD4 twelve 350 3 73 one hundred and one.seven 209.4 22.5 fifty
  1. Return air: Cooling: Air in 27ºC DB, 19.5ºC WB,Chilled h2o in/out:7ºC /12ºC
  two. Return air: Heaing: Air in 15ºC DB,Sizzling drinking water in: 60ºC.

Ceiling Ducted Air Managing Device(Return Air Situation-six Rows)
Design Air Flow   Total
Energy Input Return Air
Cooling Capability Heating Capability Drinking water Stream  Water Resistance Water inlet/outlet pipe Diameter
*1000CMH Pa kW kW L/min kPa DN
EST2CD6 two 250 .twenty five 16.9 21.8 48 10.eight twenty five
EST2.5CD6 2.5 250 .32 twenty.7 26.seven fifty eight.eight sixteen.7 25
EST3CD6 three 300 .55 24.three 31.five 69.6 eighteen.6 32
EST4CD6 four three hundred .75 31.six 40.9 ninety.six 20.6 40
EST5CD6 5 350 1.1 39.3 fifty.7 112.2 30.four 40
EST6CD6 6 350 1.five forty five.6 fifty nine.1 130.8 seventeen.six 50
EST7CD6 seven 350 1.five fifty four sixty nine.nine 154.8 21.six fifty
EST8CD6 8 350 2.two sixty two.eight 81.three 180 22.five fifty
EST10CD6 10 350 2.two 78.7 one zero one.8 225.six thirty.four 50
EST12CD6 twelve 350 3 94.4 122.one 270.six 33.three 65
  1. Return air: Cooling: Air in 27ºC DB, 19.5ºC WB,Chilled water in/out:7ºC /12ºC
  2. Return air: Heaing: Air in 15ºC DB,Sizzling h2o in: 60ºC.

4. CZPTstars air dealing with device , air handler range or sequence
-Horizontal ceiling ducted air dealing with unit
-Horizontal hid air dealing with unit
-Vertical hid air handling device
-Vertical uncovered air handling device
-Modular Modulus Air Managing Unit-multi-purpose air dealing with device

five. Components-air handling unit or air handler
Casing Panel and Insulation
• CZPT skin construction is supplied by sandwich sort panels comprising interior and outer painted steel skins and polyurethane foam with bare minimum 48kg/m3 density, supplying a good thermal and acoustical functionality
• The gasket liner amongst the panels and frame makes certain the air leakage fee to comply with GB/T 14294 thoroughly clean air conditioning requirement
• The manufacturing facility painted steel sheet lined with six insulation coatings, complies to 500h salt spray tests, demonstrating an exceptional corrosion security functionality

•Penta-submit extra hefty gauge aluminum profiles and strong fiber-reinforced PE corner connection forming the structural  frame
• outstanding mechanical strength and rigidity to the unit frame and to stop any buckling or deformation
• Thermal bridge free layout, the profiles loaded with polyurethane foam for insulation
• Anodizing area treatment method for profiles, corrosion-resistant
• Stainless steel body CZPT

Popular Brand Enthusiast and Motor
• Enthusiast choice based mostly on the air circulation and air static need  is done by enthusiast selection computer software
• Immediate driven/ belt driven, CZPT curve/ backward curve centrifugal supporters, and EC admirer is CZPT for selection
• Nicotra, Kruger, Deton, Yilida is supplied as option
• Motor is TEFC sort, course F insulation and IP54 or IP55 defense, strength conserving and stable operation
• Mounted on an adjustable slide for belt stress adjustment
• Variable frequency generate (VFD) motor is CZPT
• Siemens, ABB, WEG, TECO is presented as selection

Vibration Eliminator
• To minimize the transmission of vibration and sound, fan and motor are installed on an unbiased full foundation body
• The full foundation body is isolated by deflection sort spring isolators
• This exclusive framework not only reduce the vibration and sounds, but also shield supporter and motor during transportation

Higher Efficiency Cooling and Heating Coil
• All coils calculation and choice is completed by selection software to match the required situations
• Huge coil encounter area assures greatest heat transfer fee
• All coils examined at 30bar stress underwater 24 hrs
• Different corrosion resistance coils for choice:
-Cooper tube with cooper fins coil
 -Epoxy coated fins coil
 -Electrophoresis fins coil
-Heresite coated coil

High efficiency filter
Filters are to eliminate particles and contaminants of a variety of sizes from the air. The kind of air filter getting used will quite much depend on the application of the method.
Panel Filter is a flat and rectangular in form and offers a minimal low performance filtration which is appropriate to the air conditioning business. The large velocity filter is arranged vertically whereas the lower velocity filter is arranged in V shape. Common air velocity that moves via the filters is in the range of two-3 m/s.

HEPA Filter is extremely efficient and is capable to accomplish efficiencies up to ninety nine.97%, getting rid of minute particles and airborne micro organism from the air. It is typically utilized in cleanse space apps this kind of as semiconductor generation ground, running theaters and vital procedures.

Electrostatic Filter is utilized to remove particles from the air by employing hugely billed electrodes that ionized the air.
Bag Filter is in a position to remove dust particles and is thrown away after use.
Roll Filter is used for higher velocity filtration exactly where the utilized part is rolled up immediately/manually.

CZPTal management cupboard(optioanl)
•According to the demands and functions of the device to design the control console or cupboard
•Auto handle every single section of the unit to make certain the temperature, humidity and cleaness 
•High top quality and international brand electrical aspects

6.Why decide on us?
CZPTstars provides One particular End Solutions for:
•Pharmaceuticals market
•CZPT industry
•Automobile sector
•Printing and foods industry
•Commercial creating
•VOC treatment method and surroundings safety
•Indoor air good quality
•Marine air flow

Q:What is air handler?
A: An air handler, or air managing unit (usually abbreviated to AHU), is a unit utilized to control and flow into air as component of a heating, ventilating, and air-conditioning (HVAC) program.
Air handlers generally link to a ductwork air flow program that distributes the conditioned air by way of the creating and returns it to the AHU. At times AHUs discharge (source) and confess (return) air directly to and from the area served CZPT ductwork.

Modest air handlers, for neighborhood use, are named terminal units, and could only contain an air filter, coil, and blower these simple terminal units are called blower coils or admirer coil models.

A larger air handler that conditions one hundred% outdoors air, and no recirculated air, is acknowledged as a make-up air device . An air handler designed for out of doors use, generally on roofs, is identified as a packaged device or rooftop device .

Q: What info do you need to have to supply in buy to get a quotation?
A: CZPTly, we require to know subsequent items:
-Cooling Potential in KW or RT or Btu
-Cold water conditions if CZPT is greater
– Neighborhood ambient temperature circumstances
-CZPTal energy source, such as 380V-3Phase-50HZ or 440V-3Phase-60HZ or other people.
If can not give total answers for above items, we can through one more way, this kind of as place or constructing drawing,application,etc

8.CZPTer go to us

nine.Air dealing with device,air handler delivery or container loading

10.Installation instruction or installation picture, task images

—one. For the duration of installation, sufficient area need to be reserved all around the unit, particularly apart the entry door and water pipe, for the repair device passing. 
—two. The unit need to be mounted on flat foundation (concrete or welded C-channel).  Drainages are CZPT all around the foundation.
—three. Floor drain need to be established in the equipment room for the discharge of condensing h2o and washing drinking water.
—four.Pay out interest to condensing water discharging to make sure the condensing h2o discharge smoothly.
—5. The unit ought to be set up on a horizontal system or hanger.  Right after the unit is mounted, hook up the sorts of pipes and ducts:
A. The chilled drinking water pipe connection with cooling coil
B. The condensing water drain pipe relationship
C. Humidifier pipes relationship
D. The connection for the refreshing/return air inlet with its air ducts
E. The wiring connection for the manage box.
When connecting the air duct, 100-150mm adaptable relationship (airtight canvas or artificial leather cloth) should be established among flange and air inlet/outlet, to steer clear of the air leakage brought on by the device vibration.

The management box normally is put in on the device cupboard or in the equipment space. Remember to make the wiring according to the relevant electrical regulation by your country.

—6.Right after all drinking water pipe, wirings and air duct are correctly related, the air managing unit can be began.
[ !]The very first time starting up should be instructed by an seasoned individual at website, non-experienced particular person can not run the equipment CZPT permit.  The defect induced by misuse shall not be our obligation
[ !] Prior to very first time starting, you should remove the short-term repairing plate from the fan and motor
[ !] The power and voltage offer need to be appropriate with the unit.  Right after connecting the electricity to the motor, start off motor 1st, then examine the managing path of the admirer. If it is working in opposite direction, you should stop and modify the phase sequence, then join the electrical power to motor last but not least. If there is security device on the source supporter motor, the motor raring must be linked to floor.  The motor in this device use “reduced voltage starting”.
—7. Adjustment of the driving belt
—8. Prior to transferring the unit, you should fasten the damping device.  Placing down must be slowly and gradually to make certain that the damping unit is compelled evenly to defend the damping gadget.  The connection in between damping system and the unit ought to not be by welding


High Performance Ceiling Ducted Air Handling Unit Ahu Air Handler