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Merchandise Description

T series massive measurement synchronous motor

Items&colon T sequence large dimensions synchronous motor

Characteristic and usage

T collection of synchronous motors can be manufactured into TF TK TDMK TZ TL sequence&period of time
TF&colon TF TFW are synchronous excitation alternator&comma
TK&semi This collection synchronous motor primarily layout for compressors&period
TDMK&semi This collection motor focus design and style for huge size ball mill&period of time
TZ&colon Specialize for mill equipment&interval And TL are vertical mounting synchronous motor&period of time
These series of motors have high running effectiveness&comma great substance&comma best manufacture&comma secure performance and revolution does not alter with load variation&period
As for complex prerequisite of this sequence of motors&comma in addition to the specification of particular technological specification of the product&comma other specifications comply with CZPT Countrywide Regular GB755and IEC regular&time period
The mechanical dimension and tolerance for each and every component of this series of motors comply with CZPT Nationwide common GB1889-1804 and ISO common&time period
The defense grade for case of this collection of motors is IP00&comma IP20&comma IP21&comma IP23 and IP44 in accordance with GB&solT4942&period1 and IEC 34-5&time period
The way of cooling for this series of motors is IC01 IC401&comma IC27&comma IC37&comma IC81W and IC91 in accordance with standard of GB&solT1993 and IEC60034-6&time period
The standard installation manner for this sequence of motors complies with the specification of GB997 and IEC60034-7&period In situation o needing other protection quality and way of cooling&comma negotiation can be manufactured independently&time period

Design Explanation

Motor Efficiency
Power assortment&colon 250KW–3000KW
Rated Voltage&colon 380V 400V 440V 690V 3KV 6KV 10KV
No&period Of pole&semi 6-40
Defense Course&colon IP00&comma IP20&comma IP21&comma IP23 and IP44
Ambient Temperature&colon -15° C~40° C
Altitude&colon Not exceed a thousand Meter
Rated Frequency&colon 50Hz&sol60Hz
Insulation Class&colon F
Temprature rise&colon B
Functioning Duty&colon S1&lparContinuous&rpar
Structure Description
Body&colon Integral development welded by metal plate&period The body and simple bearing housing are fastened on the base plate welded by steel plate respectively&time period
Stator coil&colon Laminated by &period5mm silicon steel fan-shaped lamination&interval The two sides of enthusiast-shaped lamination is painted with insulating varnish&time period The stator iron core is fastened on the frame by tighting screw or dovetail rib&interval
Stator coil&colon The coil is two layer lap winding&interval It has B course insulation and can stop the corona&period of time The conclude of the coil is wrapped tightly and be integral varnished&time period
Magnetic pole&colon Laminated by slim metal plate lamination&interval The iron core is covered with coil&period of time The entire magnetic pole is equipped on the magnetic yoke&interval
Magnetic coil&colon Wound by flat copper wire and has B class insulation following be insulating treated&interval
Bearing&colon Composed of forged iron plain bearing housing and simple bearing fifty percent-liner casted with alloy&period of time The lubricating strategy is oilring self-lubricating or compound lubricating with outer oil system&time period
Brush and collector ring&colon The collector ring’s development is assembling&period The brush is fixed in the continual voltage brush box and linked by the conducting plate&interval The complete brush support if mounted on the aspect of bearing&interval
Interesting method&colon T sequence synchronous electrical equipment are fired up by thyristor thrilling unit&interval The fascinating device can be provided by the manufactory&period

Business Info

Packing & CZPT

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Stamping of lamination
Rotor die-casting
Winding and inserting – the two manual and semi-instantly
Vacuum varnishing
Machining shaft&comma housing&comma stop shields&comma and so on
Rotor balancing
Painting – both moist paint and powder coating
Motor assembly
Inspecting spare components every processing
a hundred&percnt take a look at following each and every approach and closing test ahead of packing&period

Rated voltage 6kv&comma 3kv&comma 10kv
Power variety 450-10000kw
Protection diploma IP44&comma IP54

An AC motor is a typical sort of electric motor that is driven by alternating present. As the most successful practical motors for every day industrial purposes (as effectively as hobbyist projects, home things, and all other professional gear and customer products), AC motors provide a reasonably successful technique of creating mechanical power from a basic electrical input sign.
china wholesaler Good Quality Updated T Brushless Excitation Motor manufacturers