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Solution Description

Synchronous regular micro dc CZPT for particular factors
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Specification of Synchronous normal micro dc CZPT for unique parts

Basic Details
Item Data
Tem. Increase 50K max
Working Tem. (-20ºC~+80ºC)
Insulation Resistance 100MΩ min  500VDC
Surge Examination Degree 500VAC for 1min
Insulation Course E
Weight 50g

PN Stage CZPT le Voltage Stage Present Resistance Inductance Press Force Start Frequency Rotate Frequency Drive Length Step Size
(°) V DC   mA Ω mH g(200pps) pps pps mm mm
25BYZ-22 fifteen 12 two ≤250 fifty three forty three ≥2 ≥500 ≥600 22 .571
  15 twelve 2 ≤350 thirty 22 ≥2 ≥500 ≥600 22 .571
  15 12 2 ≤150 eighty five sixty five ≥2 ≥500 ≥600 22 .571
  15 5 two ≤300 22 sixteen ≥2 ≥500 ≥600 22 .571
  seven.five 12 4 ≤250 53 43 ≥2 ≥500 ≥600 22 .5719
  7.five twelve 4 ≤350 30 22 ≥2 ≥500 ≥600 22 .5719
  seven.5 twelve four ≤150 eighty five 65 ≥2 ≥500 ≥600 22 .5719
  seven.five 5 four ≤300 22 sixteen ≥2 ≥500 ≥600 22 .5719

Drawing of Synchronous standard micro dc CZPT for particular parts

About CZPT business
Probond motors designs brush, brushless, stepper, hysteresis and linear motors to fulfill CZPT ers demands. 
Our motors use standard and particular factors with CZPT er selected torque/speed specifications that can be modified to your applications.
Probond motor owns expert sales staff and engineer team with more than 10 years expertise in motor sector, based mostly on CZPT mainland dealing with abroad organization for several years, we know your needs much better than other individuals. 
Probond Sonicare Toothbrush CZPT and Thermostatic Valve Hysteresis CZPT are CZPT sizzling goods on promote in 2017 with very good quality stage and aggressive price. 


Terms of price FOB,CIF,CFR,EXW,DDP,etc.
Terms of payment a hundred% T/T in advance for samples
Bulk quantity payment way 
can be negotited
Guarantee 12 months limited warranty once the items are delivered to the buyer.
Lead time Usually within 2 weeks for trial orders, 
within 3 weeks for bulk orders.
Package Carton o plywood pallet.
Place of loading ZheJiang , HangZhou, etc.
Shipment carrier Items are usually shipped via Fedex,DHL,TNT,UPS,EMS for trial orders and via vessel for bulk orders.
Delivery time Usually within 5 working days by Express                                                                                       
15-30 working days by vessel

Our promise to CZPT CZPT ers:
1.  Answer CZPT er’s inquiry inside of 2 working times.
two.  Reply to CZPT CZPT er inquiries & Concerns inside of 3 working times.
3.  Acknowledge CZPT er purchase orders inside 24 hrs.
four.  Standard CZPT time is inside 4 weeks.  Respond to special item development inside fifteen months.
5.  Flexible shipping and delivery approaches:  By air, sea and express CZPT utilizing the CZPT er’s forwarder.


Solitary-period motors have a stator. They do not have the rotating magnetic field traits of polyphase or polyphase motors. The magnetic area developed by the stator windings is pulsating, not rotating. When the rotor is stationary, the enlargement and contraction of the stator’s magnetic discipline create an electrical present in the rotor. The present creates the rotor magnetic area with the opposite polarity to the stator magnetic discipline. The opposite polarity applies rotational drive to the higher and reduce areas of the rotor. Since this pressure passes by way of the centre of the rotor, it stays equivalent in every single route, maintaining the rotor stationary. If the rotor commences to turn, it carries on to change in the route it started out, since the rotor’s momentum creates a rotational pressure in that direction. Single-period motors are used in lower-energy programs these kinds of as ceiling fans, mixer grinders, and household appliances such as transportable power tools.
china manufacturer  manufacturer  Custom Synchronous Standard Micro DC Motor for Special Components manufacturers