china factory Synchronous Speed 1500 R/Min Three Phase Electric Motor manufacturers

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Organization profile

 DAJI CZPT UP. ZHangZhouG CZPT CZPT MOTOR Co., Ltd, is specialist enaged in electrical motor producing for 30 a long time considering that 1988. The headquarters is situated in ZheJiang city, team with 4 production bases in zHangZhoug and ZheJiang , has a lot more than three hundred nationwide product sales centers and special businesses, and exported to a lot more than 50 nations and locations.                                                                         
Production Process:


YE2 series motor is produced with higher efficiency in order to meet up with the demands of the countrywide strength conservation and emission reduction and marketplace desire. It has may positive aspects such as substantial performance.minimal sound.substantial torque.very good starting efficiency, compact structure and easy maintenance.
It is broadly utilised in CZPT area of financial system:equipment device,compressor,pump,enthusiast industries and etc, also in transportation,mixing,printing,agricultural machinery,food sector and so on.
 Factory Advantages
1 . 30 years history
2. Competitive Price
3. Guaranteed Quality 
four. Fast delivery time, Normal models about 15-20days , another not normal models need about 30days
five. 100% testing after each process and final testing before packing ,all raw material is good quality .a hundred% cooper wire, Cold-rolled silicon steel sheet,good quaility shafts ,bearings,stators ,supporter,fan covers.and so on.
six. High efficiency 
seven. Low noise  
8. Long life
9. Power saving
ten. Slight vibration
11. It is newly designed in conformity with the relevant rules of IEC standards, Strictly and Perfect Management is guaranteed for Production 
12. Professional Service
13. Warranty: 12 months from date of delivery
14. Main Market: South America, Middle East, Southest Asia, Europe,Africa and so on  
15. We have Certification for CE, CCC, ISO9001,High quality and competitive price !

   YE2 Three-phase Asynchronous Electric Motor
one). Power range:  0.12KW-315KW
two). Frame size:  Hsixty three to 355
four). Pole:  2/4/6 poles
five). Mounting arrangement:  B3/B5/B35/B34 or other
six). Rated Voltage and frequency  380V 50HZ(particular should order)
seven). Protection class:  IP55 
8). Duty/Rating:  S1 (Continuous)
9). Cooling method:   IC411 (SELF-FAN cooling)
ten). Insulation class:   a hundred and fifty five(F)

Our Services:     
one. We valuing each and every CZPT er.
2. We cooperate with CZPT er to style and produce new merchandise. Offer CZPT .
3. twenty five-30 days major time.
four. We might like to aid you arranging shipping things, test issues or other individuals on your ask for.
Why us?
1. Our CZPT r is a expert manufacturing unit for CZPT ctric CZPT in CZPT
two. Have good price in CZPT
three. Entire of export activities.
4. 100% analyzed for the high quality prior to cargo
five. Unique motors can be developed according to CZPT ers’ demands
 6. Ideal efficiency, lower sounds, slight vibration, reliable operating, excellent look, small volume, light excess weight and simple upkeep.
seven. CZPT ble in region, town or factory environments
8. Very reduced CZPT consumption
nine. CZPT ior life
ten. Honest and Professional Service
Q: What is your delivery time?
A: Within 20~25 days after receiving deposit. 
Q: Do you offer OEM service?
A: Yes. We accept CZPT service. 
Q: What is your MOQ of this product ?
A: 10 PCS for every merchandise.   
Q: Can we sort CZPT manufacturer on it?
A: Of course of program.
Q: Where is your loading port ?
A: HangZhou Port, ZheJiang Port, CZPT .
Q: What is your creation capacity?
A: About one thousand PCS for every day.
Ordering guidelines
1.You should reveal the motor kind,rated output,rated voltage,rated frequency,synchronous speed,Explosion evidence Mark,mounting kind, 
2.If have special ask for,For instance: the voltage, frequency,security course,duplex shaft,direction of rotation.temperature monitoring system,make sure you reveal in specifics in the purchasing agreement and sign technological arrangement if essential


An AC motor is a type of motor that makes use of the phenomenon of electromagnetic induction. AC electricity drives the motor. It is a present that periodically reverses path and changes its magnitude of the present more than time. This current is the reverse of a direct recent or “DC” which flows in only a single course. AC motors can supply a reasonably efficient way to generate mechanical power from a easy electrical input sign.
china factory Synchronous Speed 1500 R/Min Three Phase Electric Motor manufacturers