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Merchandise Description

Overall performance and Qualities:

1.Extremely-higher intrinsic coercivity, higher temperature uncommon earth long lasting magnet materials, strong resistance to magnetic energy.
two.Utilizing electromagnetic design and style optimization, aimost with the total speed selection constant torque output.
3.Sinusoidal magnet area style, easy low-pace torque high overload functionality.
four.Class F insulation, IP55 safety composition, environmental applicability, risk-free and trustworthy use.

Parameter Info (Frame 60-ninety)

Frame dimensions 60ST-L00630A 60ST-L01330A 60ST-L01930A 80ST-L01330A 80ST-L57130A 80ST-L03330A 90ST-L57130A 90ST-L5710A 90ST-L 0571 1A
Rated Voltage(three section) 220V 220V 220V 220V 220V 220V 220V 220V 220V
Rated CZPT (kw) .two .four .six .four .75 one .seventy five .73 one
Rated Torque(N.m) .six 1.three one.9 1.3 2.4 three.3 two.four three.5 4
Max Torque(N.m) one.eight three.nine 5.9 3.nine 7.2 nine.9 seven.two 10.5 twelve
Rated CZPT (r/min) 3000 3000 3000 3000 3000 3000 3000 2000 2500
Rated existing(A) one.5 two.eight three.5 2.six 4.2 four.5 3 three four
(V/Krpm) 28 28 28 21.05 22.77 29.27 fifty one 67 60
(Ω) eleven.6 five.83 three.49 one.858 .901 1.081 3.two 4.06 2.sixty nine
(mH) 22 twelve.23 eight.47 11.956 6.552 8.29 7 6.21
LA(mm) 106 131 154 one hundred thirty five 160 181 152 one hundred seventy five 185

Parameter Knowledge (Frame 110-130)

Body dimensions 110ST-L57130A 110ST-L04030A 110ST-L05030A 110ST-L06571A 110ST-L06030A 130ST-L 0571 1A 130ST-L 0571 1A 130ST-L06571A
Rated Voltage(a few stage) 220V 220V 220V 220V 220V 220V 220V 220V
Rated CZPT (kw) .6 1.two one.5 1.2 one.6 1 1.three one.five
Rated Torque(N.m) 2.00 four 5 6 six four five 6
Max Torque(N.m) 6 twelve fifteen eighteen eighteen 13 15 eighteen
Rated CZPT (r/min) 3000 3000 3000 2000 3000 2500 2500 2500
Rated current(A) 4 five 6 six 8 four five 6
(V/Krpm) 23.fifty nine 33.74 33.84 41.39 thirty.54 37.72 38.67 37.34
(Ω) .982 .779 .567 .64 .338 one.108 .867 .605
(mH) two.ninety eight 3.026 two.316 2.764 one.515 3.76 3.124 two.317
LA(mm) 158 189 204 217 217 one hundred sixty five 173 183
Body dimension 130ST-L5710A 130ST-L5715A 130ST-L5710A 130ST-L10015A 130ST-L10571A 130ST-L15015A 130ST-L15571A  
Rated Voltage(3 phase) 220V 220V 220V 220V 220V 220V 220V  
Rated CZPT (kw) 1.6 2 2.4 1.five two.6 two.three three.8  
Rated Torque(N.m) seven.70 seven.7 7.7 10 10 fifteen 15  
Max Torque(N.m) 23.1 23.1 thirty thirty forty five 45  
Rated CZPT (r/min) 2000 2500 3000 1500 2500 1500 2500  
Rated recent(A) six 7.5 nine six ten nine.five 17  
(V/Krpm) 47.59 40.03 32.22 64.89 38.76 68.thirteen 34.07  
(Ω) .66 .454 .282 .801 .262 .458 .102  
(mH) two.eighty three 1.913 one.232 three.675 1.258 2.369 .598  
LA(mm) 197 197 197 218 218 263 263  

Parameter Data (Body a hundred and fifty-a hundred and eighty)

Frame dimensions 150ST-L15571A 150ST-L18571A 150ST-L23571A 150ST-L27571A 180ST-L19571A 180ST-L23571A 180ST-L31018A
Rated CZPT (KW) three.8 three.6 4.7 five.5 four 5 six
Rated Torque(N.m) fifteen eighteen 23 27 19 23 31
Rated CZPT (rpm) 2500 2000 2000 2000 2000 2000 1800
Rated Current(A) 16.5 sixteen.5 twenty.five twenty.five 16.eight 28 22
Max Torque(N.m) 45 54 69 eighty one 57.three seventy one.6 seventy nine.5
Voltage(V) 220 220 220 220 220 220 220

Employing CZPT : surroundings temperature -20ºC~+50ºC. CZPT humidity:Relative humidity<90%(excluding Frost Condition)

HONG MA the first technology of AC servo driver, the use of CZPT d manage algorithm, employing IPM (clever CZPT module), braking resistor and the DC reactor terminals to attain the exact place of the digital manage, can be connected, USB conversation interface purpose. CZPT variety is far more full, currently addresses CZPT range from 500W to 5.5kW. 

Solution functions: 
The input and output terminals: optical isolation, programmable, enter terminal can comprehend servo, clearing the alarm, torque restrict and unexpected emergency cease function, the output terminal can recognize the alarm, positioning and pace arrival indication perform, operation process far more standardized. In addition, the input interface can be managed by a switch, a relay and an open up collector transistor, and the output is connected with the relay and the photoelectric coupler, and the use of the interface is a lot more hassle-free by employing the Darlington photoelectric coupler. 

Position control method: large velocity optical isolation additionally/signal signal, ccw/cw in addition sign and A / B  plus period signal management way, and the driving pulse receiver, interference can be suppressed efficiently, the optional instruction pulse smoothing filter, enable system in acceleration and deceleration method efficiently managing and increase the pulse sign electronic filtering and detection methods.

Encoder signal output: the encoder sign can be established in accordance to the set frequency by way of the frequency of the output by way of the line driver. CZPT purpose: more than voltage, above existing, over load, in excess of pace and mistake detection system.

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Synchronous motors operate at a pace that is synchronous with the frequency of the mains current. This signifies that in the steady-point out of the motor, the rotation of the shaft is synchronized with the frequency of the source current. The time period of rotation of the shaft is equal to the variety of AC cycles. The stator of a synchronous motor has polyphase AC electromagnets. These electromagnets make a magnetic discipline that rotates in synchrony with the current in the wire. The rotor equipped with long lasting magnets or electromagnets rotates synchronously with the stator magnetic subject to kind the next synchronous rotating magnetic area of the AC motor.
china Custom St Series AC Permanent-Magnet Synchronous Servo Motor manufacturers