China Best Sales Low Voltage Three Phase Permanent Magnetic Synchronous Motor vacuum pump electric

Product Description


MV31 series low-voltage permanent magnet synchronous motor is a general-purpose industrial motor with high efficiency, energy saving, high power density and high reliability. It can be widely used in plastic machinery, metal products, ceramic machinery, transmission machinery and other industries.

Technical Parameters:
Rated voltage: 380V
Power range: 3-400kW
Rated speed: 3000rpm, 1500rpm, 1000rpm, 750rpm
Installation location: Indoor (can be customized)
Ambient temperature: minus 15 degrees – 40 degrees ( can be customized)
Altitude: 1000 meters( can be customized)
Protection level: IP55 (IP54-100L and below frame)
Short-term overload: no more than 1.7 times the rated torque
Motor working system: S1
Insulation class: F
Thermal protection: PTC
Motor energy efficiency: IE4 (above 90kW)/GB1 (90kW and below)
Over-speed range: -not exceed 1.2 times the rated speed
Encoder: standard none; optional A3 or U1
Cooling method: IC411 (TEFC); optional IC416 (TEBC)
Installation method: B3, B35, B5, V1 (for other specifications, please consult the drive motor SPDT)
Brake: None (not planned for now)
Inverter: optional inverter to achieve the best use effect

system topology

Low noise, low vibration, light weight, small size, long bearing life, high reliability, and strong versatility
Noise can be reduced by 5-15dB compared with asynchronous motor
Vibration up to class B
Compared with asynchronous motors with the same output power, the frame size is reduced by 1 to 3, and the weight is reduced by about 40%.
Optimize the bearing design, select high-quality bearings, adopt oil-injectable structure for 180 frames and above, and adopt anti-shaft current measures for 250 frames (or 110kW) and above, greatly improving bearing life
High-strength castings and machining precision ensure higher mechanical strength
Implementation of failure rate of quality standard 1000PPM
It can be replaced equally with ordinary asynchronous motors

Compared with asynchronous motor or reluctance motor, the efficiency of permanent magnet motor has little effect on the change of load.
— For variable torque loads (fans, pumps, fluids), constant torque loads (screw compressors, extruders, etc.) are preferred
permanent magnet synchronous motor.
— For project transformation, according to different application scenarios, the newly invested permanent magnet synchronous motor can recover the cost of the whole machine within 1-2 years.
— For new motor projects, the additional investment cost compared with GB3 asynchronous motors of the same power can be recovered within 3-6 months.

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Application: Universal, Industrial, Power Tools
Operating Speed: Constant Speed
Operation Mode: Electric Motor
Magnetic Structure: Permanent Magnet
Function: Driving
Structure: Rotating Armature Type (Pole Fixed)


China Best Sales Low Voltage Three Phase Permanent Magnetic Synchronous Motor   vacuum pump electricChina Best Sales Low Voltage Three Phase Permanent Magnetic Synchronous Motor   vacuum pump electric
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