220-240V Air Conditioner Motor with Factory Price

220-240V Air Conditioner Motor with Factory Price

220-240v air conditioner motor with manufacturing unit cost


Merchandise Inspection item Inspection normal Test approach Quantity of inspection Inspection consequence Consequence
one appearance inspection In accordance to the drawings Visible inspection AQL=1. Great appearance,  no scratches and rust places Competent
two irregular sound detection No sound, no sounds Listening following regular electrical power-on AQL=one. The sound is crisp and there is no irregular audio. Certified
three dimension verify Output shaft peak 85±1 Caliper measurement AQL=two.5 84-85 85 eighty five eighty five 85 85 85 Experienced
4 shaft diameter twelve.68(-.571–.005) Micrometer measurement 12.655-twelve.675 twelve.sixty eight 12.sixty eight twelve.sixty eight twelve.68 twelve.68 twelve.sixty eight Qualified
5 shaft extension ≤0.04 Dial indicator measurement .01-.02 .015 .015 .015 .015 .015 .015 Competent
six place dimension 50±1 Caliper measurement forty nine-51 50 50 50 50 fifty fifty Qualified
7  installation measurement 42±0.five Caliper measurement 41.five-42.5 42 42 forty two 42 forty two forty two Competent
8 end cover height 106 Caliper measurement 106 106 106 106 106 106 106 Certified
nine sheet thickness one.5±0.2 Caliper measurement one.fifty two-one.forty eight 1.5 1.5 one.five one.five one.five 1.5 Competent
ten direct specifications 850±20 Meter evaluate 870-830 851 852 854 851 851 850 Experienced
11 casing demands / Meter measure / / / / / / / /
12 CZPTal strength (V/min) 1500 Motor manufacturing unit thorough test bench AQL=1. Move Experienced
thirteen insulation resistance(MΩ) ≥100 Motor manufacturing unit extensive examination bench five hundred five hundred five hundred 500 500 500 five hundred Experienced
fourteen inter-change insulation(V) 2100 Motor manufacturing unit extensive examination bench Move Competent
fifteen leakage recent(mA) ≤0.25 Motor factory comprehensive take a look at bench .05-.08 .06 .07 .06 .06 .07 .07 Competent
sixteen  cold resistance main stage Major phase(Ω) Rm 33.1±15% Resistance meter AQL=2.five 38.06-28.13 33.three 33.3 33.three 33.three 33.three 33.3 Experienced
17 Pace regulation1 (Ω) Rf1 four.04±15% Resistance meter four.sixty four-3.forty five four four 4 four 4.01 4.02 Experienced
18 Velocity regulation2 (Ω) Rf2 / Resistance meter / / / / / / / Competent
19 vice section(Ω) Ra 38±15% Resistance meter 32.3-forty three.seven 40.seven 40.six forty.six 40.six forty.seven forty.7 Experienced
20 output energy (w) large-quality 163±10% CZPTal parameter desk 146.seven-179.three 163.one 163.1 163.1 163.one 163.1 163.one Certified
21 output current (A) high-quality 1.27±10% CZPTal parameter table one.21-.ninety nine one.27 1.27 one.27 1.27 one.27 one.27 Certified
Axial extension path Clockwise Electricity on visual inspection AQL=1. clockwise Experienced
23 No-load efficiency Current  Current(A) higher-quality .86±15% CZPTal parameter desk AQL=two.5 .989~.731 .87 .87 .87 .87 .87 .87 Experienced
26 Electrical power(W) high-quality one hundred thirty five.5±15% CZPTal parameter desk one hundred fifty five~114.seven 136 136 136 136 136 136 Competent
38   electrical power factor higher-quality ≥0.ninety five CZPTal parameter table AQL=two.5 .ninety five~.98 .ninety six .ninety five .ninety six .95 .95 .ninety five Competent
39 temperature increase(K) large-quality ≤85 Resistance meter: resistance method Ok Alright Okay Alright Alright Alright Okay Competent
forty minimal strain start(V) minimal selection .76Un CZPTal parameter table Alright Ok Ok Ok Ok Ok Ok Qualified
41 thermal protector KW-135ºC Motor unpacking visual inspection AQL=1. KW-135ºC Experienced
forty two Thorough judgment 18AWG Visible inspection guide printing AQL=1. 18AWG Competent
Outcome  √Qualified   Unqualified

Motor High quality & Reliability:
We define good quality as a philosophy to stay by.
An common QM method with the latest measuring and tests methods guarantees top quality.
We assure quality and dependability of your HUND with 100% ultimate inspection.

Motor processing:

Motor deal:
Two sets motors is packed in one particular carton with foam


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220-240V Air Conditioner Motor with Factory Price